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Handmade in Bavaria
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You like leather? Here you have all leather bracelets for men and women summarized at a glance!

(Photo: “Rider”, leather bracelet, vintage gray-brown double wrapped. )

Different bracelets, the same design. A small, subtle sign of solidarity. By the way, in our stylish wooden box every ISARRIDER bracelet is the perfect gift!

(Photo: Digger blue & Isarsilver blue, double)

About us

We are a small bunch of people who have made it our mission to make bracelets that are a little different from the rest.

After a good 2 years of tinkering, testing, trying, discarding, and testing again, we finally have the quality we want. And the style that suits us.

Isarrider Bracelets – Discover the wild south!

The distinctive Isarrider bracelets are created in our workshop. Men’s bracelets and women’s bracelets in vintage leather and retro climbing rope design. On the one hand there are our high-quality leather bracelets in the special Isarrider vintage style, on the other hand our indestructible climbing rope bracelets (or sailing rope bracelets).

Due to the special material processing and braiding of the ropes, we achieve not only a high-quality feel and strength of the bracelet, but also the special matte Natural Look.

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