About us

We are a small bunch of people who have made it our mission to make bracelets that are a little different from the rest.

After a good 2 years of tinkering, testing, trying, discarding, and testing again, we finally have the quality we want. And the style that suits us.

Isarrider Bracelets – Discover the wild south!

The distinctive Isarrider bracelets are created in our workshop. On the one hand there are our high quality
leather bracelets
in the special IsarRider vintage style, on the other hand our indestructible climbing rope bracelets (or sailing rope bracelets).

Handmade in our workshop

Through our special material processing and braiding of the ropes, we achieve not only a high-quality feel and strength of the bracelet, but also the special matte Natural Look.

When selecting the colors of the dew bracelets, we are guided primarily by the colors of nature: warm, earthy brown, beige and red tones, but also the rather cool blue, olive and gray tones of our Bavarian mountains.

Vintage leather & retro climbing rope design bracelets

In addition, there is our enthusiasm for everything that has to do with vintage or used look. This is particularly evident in the closures from the Digger and Rider, but also on a large part of our leather bracelets. Not to mention the twisted retro bracelet in the style of old mountaineering ropes.

Closures made of high quality stainless steel

All the closures we use are made of stainless steel. E.g. also our
a cool and distinctive click closure in “Dark Steel” design.

For men. And women.

To give you a quick overview of our Isarrider bracelets we have subtitled them in our online store as “Men’s Bracelets” or “Women’s Bracelets”. Ok, the 6mm – Isargold order more women than men, but ultimately anyone, everyone can wear an IsarRider bracelet! This is especially true for our timelessly beautiful 6mm –
– bracelets. In the end, it’s your personal style that counts. No matter “bracelet for men” or “bracelet for ladies”.

Partner bracelets – connectedness in a creative way

Another focus we have on the category
Partner bracelets
(bracelets for couples): If you have decided on a bracelet, but would also like to give one to your partner, you have the option of adding the same design in a slightly different version (e.g. thicker or thinner). You can find the matching selection for your chosen bracelet by clicking on the blue link “Add a partner bracelet”.

There is no mass production with us. However, if there is a shortage of material and a bracelet is out of stock, we will do everything we can to offer you your desired bracelet again as quickly as possible.

Promised. 🙂


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